Soviet Army Soldiers – Ant

1:35 Army Soldier & Civilians

Soviet Army Soldiers – Ant ? 35-95: Soviet Army Soldier 1960-80 th . ? 35-96: Soviet Army Officer 1960-80 th . Scale: 1:35. Sculpted by P. Sapotsky .   Related articles Soviet Red Army: The War after The War ( Operation Paperclip:The CIA and the Nazis ( ChTZ S-65 Tractor Detail Set – Voyager PE35619 […]

Frogman Special Forces Soldier – ANT 35-97

1:35 Army Soldier & Civilians

Frogman Special Forces Soldier – ANT 35-97 Frogman of Federal Protective Service . Russia . Scale: 1:35 Sculpted by N .Gordeev .       Related articles Three Special Forces soldiers killed in fighting near Benghazi ( Becoming a frogman ( 3 dead as troops, jihadists clash in Libya ( Three die as jihadists clash […]

Bomber Re-supply Set – Airfix A05330

1:72 Army vehicles & Co.

Bomber Re-supply Set – Airfix A05330 As the air war over occupied Europe progressively developed, so did the equipment used by the RAF and its Bomber Command. Specialist vehicles were introduced to supply arms and equipment to waiting machines and maintenance tasks were made easier through the introduction of specialised equipment. The mechanization of these […]

French 3,5t truck AHN – ACE 72525

1:72 Army vehicles & Co.

French 3,5t truck AHN – ACE 72525 ANH 3,5t truck . In late 1930-th French army required some new military vehicles for different purposes, but the normal civilian versions were a too complicated and didn’t have any unification for service purposes. Renault started working on some simplified versions of trucks for either military or civil […]

AFV Power Up sets – Black Dog

1:35 Army vehicles

AFV Power Up sets – Black Dog T35101  1\35 M109 A2 interier accessories set  for AFV                51,00€ T35102  1\35 US Army Dodge accessories set for AFV                22,00€ T35103  1\35 US Army Dodge canvas accessories set   for AFV                17,60€ T72050 1\72 M24 Chaffe accessories set for Hasegawa 11,00€ T72054 1\72 DBL-4500 S cargo accessories set for […]

Tent sets – Black Dog

1:72 Army vehicles & Co.

Tent sets – Black Dog T72055  1\72 Tentage plus bedrols 1 accessories set                       17,00€ T72056  1\72 Tentage plus bedrols 2 accessories set                       17,00€ T72057  1\72 Tentage plus bedrols 3 accessories set                       17,00€     Related articles Female Soldier – Black Dog ( Hauler Latest ( Medium Combat Walker M2-B ( Name Plates – Voyager TE054 […]

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