European Resistance in the Second World War – Pen and Sword Book Resistance to German-led Axis occupation occurred all the way across the European continent during the Second World War. It took a wide range of forms – non-cooperation and disinformation, sabotage, espionage, armed opposition and full-scale partisan warfare. It is an important element in […]

M42A1 US Army Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft gun – ET Model E35-198 E35-198 US Army M42A1 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft gun late type For AFV CLUB Kit Includes: Photoetched * 5 matel spring * 2 cable * 1     Related articles Maxim Dual anti-aircraft gun – UM 646 ( Anti-Aircraft Weapons Used in Libyan Capital ( NEW RELEASE: […]

Bomb Disposal Technician – CMK F35 246

1:35 Army Soldier & Civilians

Bomb Disposal Technician – CMK F35 246 Highly detailed figure of modern Bomb Disposal technician ( also referred as EOD, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician in protective suit. This suit is commonly used by armies and police forces in almost all Western European countries, USA and many other states.Bomb disposal technician figure’s helmet can be put […]

Black Dog Buildings and More

1:35 Buildings & Co.

Black Dog Buildings and More More releases from Black Dog Friends: D35042 1\35 Road signs base                     16,60€ D35043 1\35 House corner base                              20,25€ D35044 1\35 Columns base                        11,00€ and 1/72 scale we have: D72010 1\72 Middle east street base                     22,00€

ZIS 6 PARM 1 – MMK F3043

1:35 Army vehicles

ZIS 6 PARM 1 – MMK F3043 Directly from VT Models we receive news about latest product: ZIS 6 PARM 1 with full interior, enjoy photos. Distributed by VT Models       Related articles LWS Prototype II with Bridge Pontoon – Dragon 7509 ( Steel Scorpion Graffiti Decals ( French Tankman – MantaFigures F3509 […]

T-64B Turret with anti-radiation liner – Mini Arm B35012 B35012 T-64B Turret with anti-radiation liner, includes PE parts for Trumpeter kit     Related articles Mini Art 35152 AEC MK1 ARMOURED CAR – Build Up and Review ( Centurion Mk-I (A41) – Accurate Armour C097 ( French Tankman – MantaFigures F3509 ( CENTURION A41 Operation […]

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