IJA Regimental Artillery - Fine Molds

Set of four Sanpo FM39 product number [gun regiment]

IJA Regimental Artillery - Fine Molds FM39

IJA Regimental Artillery – Fine Molds FM39

Sanpo set of four would have been deployed to the regiment artillery mountain subordinate of each division is (artillery division) Sanpo set of four of [artillery regiment, after being replaced in order to Sanpo formula ninety-four successor , and direct investment in the infantry gun is subjected to a slight improvement, Gate 4 will be deployed one per infantry regiment. Called “gun regiment” These are joined to accompany the infantry combat as an effective artillery support.
? The solid infantry guns. Also reproduced for the difference between mountain artillery.
? Set the body posture of the figure 4 tow. Supplied with ammunition boxes and ammunition
? completely new mold
? (approximate-gun body only) 39mm height full width 38mm × 96mm × length
? Parts 131 points (including PVC)