Leopard 1 ARV Standard Version – Perfect Scale


Leopard 1 ARV Standard Version - Perfect Scale 35027

Leopard 1 ARV Standard Version - Perfect Scale 35027

Leopard 1 ARV Standard Version with no interior.

The Leopard 1 ARV bases on the Leopard 1 main battle tank. The concept of the ARV is to fullfill the same specifications as the main battle tank. The ARV is able to follow the main battle tank in combat and doing the recovery duties in combat.

Many nations using the Leopard 1 ARV. Among them are

Germany 444

Austalia 8 ARVM

Belgium 36

Greece 5

Italy 69 by MAK and 45 by OTO Melara

Netherlands 38

Norway 6

Turkey 12

Technical datas:

Weight: 39,8 to.

Speed: 62 km/h

Range: 850 km

830 hp

The kit comes in a large cardboard box, about the size of typical plastic kit box. The resin parts are packed in zip-bags and are well protected by styrofoam chips.

The kit contains without interior 209 resin parts and with interior 258 resin parts. One sheet of decals, PE – parts, plastic lences, cooper rope and resin tracks. One part of the instruction sheets contains a list of all included parts. Each part is shown on drawing and is also named.

The resin parts are attached to casting blocks. Attachment points are quite small and they are very easy to remove even for anyone with minimum experience in working with resin kits. On some parts there are deliberately some additional resin pins and plates added to help in casting process and these need to be removed, too.

All Leopard 1 ARV parts have crisp and very well defined details on them