Boxer (GTFz) Sagged Wheel set – DEF.Model

 - Boxer

Boxer (GTFz) Sagged Wheel set - DEF.Model dw35028

BOXER MRAV Sagged Wheel set for Revell 1/35
Remaked DW35015 for Revell’s BOXER kit
4 kinds of different pattern directions weighted wheels x2, 3 types wheel caps variations and Easy wheel mask
Total 32 resin parts & Wheel mask

The extended sphere of operations of the Federal German Armed Forces requires highly mobile transport vehicles with optimum protection that will also be reliable under extreme environmental conditions. This requirement is fully met by the BOXER.

Its structure consisting of a mobile module with a version-specific mission module enables quick changes between a multiplicity of types of equipment. The abbreviation “GTFz” stands for group transport vehicle. High mobility, stealth design and high performance defensive weaponry are also key elements. Since September 2009 the 272 BOXERS have been supplied in series to the Federal German Armed Forces. The Dutch armed forces received the first oftheir 200 BOXERS


 - Boxer