Build and Convert Airfix Military Models – Review

Build and Convert Airfix Military Models - Review

Build and Convert Airfix Military Models - Review

A few days ago we received ‘Build and Convert Airfix Military Models‘  by Sam Publications.
The book as you can imagine is exclusively dedicated to the Airfix  world.

Tom Cole, author of this books explains that this book is dedicated to the Airfix military models in 1:76 scale and  occasionaly for the 1:72 they have produced.

Tom opens his book with a chapter which describes at 360°  the Airfix world and provides
sufficient details on how to start building models and gather the necessary information. Then begins to describe one by one Airfix models staring by the first world war, second world  war and to conclude the last section is dedicated to the post-war vehicles.

Airfix Military Models – A Brief History

• Over 50 Builds in 1:76 (3 in 1:72)
• A short history of each type
• Straight builds
• Conversions
• Super-Detailing
• How-to Guides
• Colour Profiles
• Scale Plans
• Release Dates for Airfix Models
• A Question of Scale
• Tools and Techniques

World War I:
Tom leads us to the fascinating world of tanks of World War I, he explains how to convert models from one type to another like “male” tank to Mother or Mk.II version. Models discussed:
Mk.I Female

World War II:
This section is the largest in the content, models discussed are:
Vickers Mk IV a/b/c
Panzer IV Ausf D
Scammel Tank Transporter
Universal Carriers
German Reconnaissance Set
25 Pounder Field Gun and Morris Quad
AEC Matador and 5.5 Inch Gun
Sturmgeschutz III
M4A1 Sherman
Churchill Tank
German 88mm Gun and Sd.Kfz.7 Tractor
Landing Tracked Vehicle – Amtracs and Amtanks
US Half-tracks in British Service
Panzer IV
Sherman Crab
Churchill Bridgelayer
Matilda ‘Hedgehog’
Sherman Crocodile
Sd.Kfz.234/4 Schwerer Panzerspähwagen
Centurion Mk 1

Post War:
in Post War section we find:
Bedford MK Series
Bristol Bloodhound
Saladin Mk.2 Armoured Car
Saracen APC
Land Rovers
US Army M113

In any case, all models are accompanied by excellent photographs, many step by step instructions on how to build and paint models.  Everything is described in detail, using a sufficient number of tables and pictures.

The author also finds room for notions of historical vehicles.

By itself, considering the price, the volume is a good buy for both modelers 1/72-1/76 and especially for Airfix  collectors of which represents an exceptional compendium to have on the modelling table.!