Military Modelcraft International

Military Modelcraft International: June 2011


As promised here we are again to review the latest issue of Military Modelcraft.

As prime opener we manage to find an interesting article/review about the British Churchill Mk.IV done by David Grummit, chief editor of MMI.

David managed to bring out of the box an high quality model from the AFV CLUB kit, althought he added some aftermarked bit’s and pieces.

The Chuchill MK IV is a beauty, with all those big surfaces and the numerous suspensions and wheels. This British army tank has gathered also a special coverage by Ossie Orsbourn ( not Ozzy Osbourne ) in the middle pages of Military Modelcraft.  Mr. Orsbourn delves into the history of the churchill AVRE with facts and photos.

Nine camouflage schemes are presented, and have to say some of them are very inviting, like the Churchill Mk.III of Kingforge, El Alamein 1942 or the Red Army Churchill Mk.III with winter camo.

Christian Kachel has sent to Military Modelcraft a good amount of photos of a Churchill Mk. IV stored at the Tank Museum in Kapellen, Belgium..

Do you think it’s finished here ?! Just not! John Murphy’s task is to convert AFV Club’s Churchill Mk.III AVRE into a late war MK.IV with a resicast engine kit.

With ‘Clash of the Titans’ master Ozgur Guner compares the new Hobby Boss Merkava IV kit against Legend’s Productions kit. Seven interesting pages along buildup photos.  There are also two more pages dedicated to the subject ‘Merkava IV in Detail’.Absolutely something to read if your next project is the Merkava IV.

This issue of Military Modelcraft is completed with Chris Jerret’s German Army Leo 2A1  and with the second part of Robert’s Sd.Kfz 251. About Robert’s work you can find interesting tips on how to make scenic elements such as twisted trees and realistic ground works.

Very good issue especcially if you are planning to build a Churchill tank. I think I will add it to my modelling  ‘to do’ list!