Allied Axis 25

Allied Axis 25

Allied & Axis 25:Review

The 25th issue of Allied & Axis is now on AFV NEWS desktop for a fast review.

This issue covers a good selection of interesting vehicles. Starting from the 40mm gun motor carriage M19, with 28 pages and over 60 black and white photos. Modeler will be happy to study any sort of M19 photos, ineed we can see the tank during his operative life or walkaround museum shots.

Next is the most common Panther A ‘In Detail’, with over 40 photos, followed by the General Electric 60″ Searchlight. The GE Searchlight and it’s M1 trailer are nice and interesting elements especcially  if added to other models such as a truck or a power plant generator. About the latter photos are provided.

The SdKfz 222, is one of the most interesting armoured cars of the 2nd conflict and it is presented here with about fifty detailed photos. Most of them are from a restored SdKfz 222 displayed at the Military Vehicle Technology Foundation. Photos  are good enough to study out the interiors of the subject.

Next in the row is the U.S. Ford Bomb Truck. It was improved version of the Ford GTBS. Both vehicles were developments of the GTB 1and  a half ton 4×4 cargo truck. Photos show also it’s M5 bomb trailer and many details of the truck part.  But  no operative photos are provided. This is a nice subject for an harbour diorama.

The volume ends with  the Ford Fordor. One of the coolest staff cars during the second world war.

As usual the Allied and Axis gives a good coverage to it’s subjects, the only improovement could be to have more color photos, especially museum shots.

Thanks to Ampersand Publishing for the review copy.