Abrams,Bradley & Stryker

Both experts in this field of warfare Andy Renshaw and Ryan Harden are the authors of  “Operation Iraqi Freedom – US ARMY: Abrams,Bradley & Stryker“.  This book is a balanced compendium between high quality photos, modelling guides  and technical specifications.

 - Stryker

The Cover

The book seeks to present three of the main US Army’s Armoured Fighting Vheicles involved in the conflict: the M1 Abrams, the M2 Bradley and the Stryker.

Chapter 1 introduces the Main Battle Tank M1 Abrams describing it’s developments , evolutions and service during war perdios. The chapter follows with a complete analysis about: Armour, Crew , Engine plus an interesting coverage about TUSK (Tank Urban Survival Kit) and the M1A2 SEP (System Enhancenent Program).

While reading this section of the book you will find many interesting photos, all presented in high quality standard and depicting very interesting subjects. Most of these subjects are  ‘in action’.

Photos range with:  Fully  armored Abrams  and loaded up with plenty external stowage,  tanks full of mud and dust  or nice and clean ,  tanks during patrol sessions or  just tanks getting some maintenance.  There is also a good selection of variants : MCR (Mine Clearing Roller),M1A1, M1A2 all in  different tone schemes.

 - Stryker


Authors have also dedicated a full five page section to a Walkaround that covers all bits and pieces of the Abrams , while the Profile section contains six different schemes.

About 14 pages are dedicated to ‘Modelling the Abrams M1A2 TUSK‘. Hand by hand with Ryan Harden you will be driven to build and paint the best M1A2 TUSK possible. This tutorial will make use of the Tamiya M1A2 kit plus Legend’s Production TUSK upgrade, Voyager’s Slat Armour and various Eduard photo etched parts.

Next chapter is dedicated to the Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  As like it’s big brother, the Bradley has a detailed description about developments , evolutions and service during war periods. The book will cover also the M6 Backliner and the BUSK - Bradley Urban Survivability kit.

 - StrykerOther ten pages are dedicated to a Walkaround and to profiles. Also in this case there is a good selection of photos: some ‘in action‘, some with vehicles under maintenance, some with soldiers at rest and last but not least a Bradley Knocked-Out.

This time the modelling tutorial  is mastered by Andy Ranshaw. Whom served with an AAVP battalion while in the Marines, is very familiar with modern armour and has a special interest in all fighting vehicles serving with the US Forces. Andy choice is a  M2A2 Bradley with ERA. For this build, he used the Academy M2A2 ‘OIF’. Detail section was covered by Legend Productions and Eduard sets. 16 pages are dedicated to this step by step tutorial.

 - Stryker


Last but not less interesting is the Stryker Infantry Vehicle. Sixteen pages , full of photos , are dedicated to this eight wheel vehicle and coverage is for :

M1126 Infantry Carrier Veichle
M1127 Recoinassance Vehicle
M1128 Stryker Mobile Gun System
M1129 Mortar Carrier (MC-A and MC-B)
M1130 Command Vehicle
M1131 Fire support Vehicle
M1132 Engineer Vehicle
M1133 Medical Evacuation Vehicle
M1134 Antitank Guided Mossile Vehicle
M1135 NBC Recoinassance Vehicle

The Stryker has eight pages for a near walkaround and for color profiles while 14 pages are dedicated to the modelling session.

 - Stryker


The modelling guide is again under Renshaw’s hands and the M1126 OIF is the main subject of the tutorial. AFV Club kit plus Legend Productions, Voyager Model and Griffon Model extras have been used here. Like previous modelling guides we find a lot of  Work in Progress photos and many detailed explanations. All the above work will result in an excellent reproduction of an M1126 with an interesting weathering and a realistic stowage and accessories set.

The book ends up with a small two pages chapter dedicated to the ‘IED Menace‘ with a couple of knocked-out Vehicles and other two pages are for a ‘kitography’ .

If you are a fan of monochromatic desert profiles schemes and if you love one of the three main subjects, than this books will be a very precious resource. The quantity and quality of the photo collection will give out many ideas, hints and tips to build last Iraqi experience!